Fandom List

So I see you've clicked on the Fandom List. Welcome. I am trash for many fandoms, so here is a list of most of them:

Dan and Phil: The Phandom

Two british guys, Dan and Phil, have pretty much taken over my life with their hilarious Youtube channels. Dan, or Daniel Howell as known on Youtube by his channel, is what most 'Phans' refer to as 'soft'. He's pretty much a giant meme, and has many inside jokes with his old channel danisnotonfire (rip old channel). Phil Lester, or AmazingPhil, though older, is what the Phans refer to as precious and adorable. He is caring, and sweet, and never cusses on camera because "Babies could be watching!". They have a gaming channel together, called DanAndPhilGames, where they play many games together. One main game they play is the Sims 4. On this game, they created a Sim named Dil Howlter, and follow him as he starts a family and goes through all sorts of strange antics (Dil had an alien baby; how weird is that!) I love these two to death and I recommend them to anyone this would sound interesting to.

Steven Universe

Ah yes, the SU fandom. The fandom itself is more or less chaos but the show itself is phenomenal. The plot of the show is actually pretty difficult to explain, but the overall idea is that there are these gem people from another world that are trying to clear out the Earth to use for themselves. Those gems are called the homeworld. But there is a rebellion. They are trying to fight against homeworld with their group, the 'Crystal Gems'. Within that small group, there is Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven, who is the son of the former leader, Rose Quartz, who gave up her physical form to let Steven exsist. Steven is half human half gem, and at that is the only male gem. It is an animated show, but tackles major subjects in excellent ways. It is overall a beautiful show and I would 10/10 recommend.


I'm gonna be completly honest, I can't stand the fandom for Aphmau, and I've stopped watching the most recent videos, but Aphmau is a channel that posts Minecraft 'Roleplay' videos, all with certain characters that tend to carry over from different series. Each series follows the main character Aphmau, and how she interacts with different characters and different scenarios. Her older videos in my opinion were a lot better in my opinion, because it focused a lot more on story and plot progression rather than the characters love lives. At this point, her content is directed at more of a younger audience so it no longer has its old charm that I fell in love with. I still stick around to rewatch older videos of her's, but I am not caught up with current content at this point. I would say that if you're interested, check out her older videos as they are a lot better than current ones.


Unfortunatly, Skymedia has just come to an end. But what originally was was a sort of company where people would play games and make videos for Youtube. They were very fan interactive, and the 'boss' of Skymedia was skydoesminecraft, or Adam Dahlburg. He recently just closed Skymedia to pursue music. There was people who joined, and left, and just recently ended. Their content focused on Minecraft games and some real life games as well.